HR Analytics finally becomes child's play

Partena Professional and BrightAnalytics join forces and put HR analytics under the microscope!
“There is a need for an easy-to-use reporting tool to arrive at clear insights and recommendations in HR policy and to set direction and strategy.” – Partena Professional.

Not just finance and cash but also HR data

In addition to finance and cash reporting, HR analytics is equally necessary. Partena Professional noticed a clear demand in the market in terms of HR reporting: “There is a need for a user-friendly reporting tool to gain clear insights and recommendations in the HR policy and to determine direction and strategy.”

HR reporting in general causes a lot of frustration for companies. Often they are not far along with HR analytics or HR reporting. This is in contrast to, for example, integrations with accounting systems and ERP systems. For HR reporting, companies usually set up their own systems by uploading a .csv or xls file and linking their own data warehouse to BI tools. However, this is very time-consuming, and specialists are often needed to find a way through the mass of data. In addition, it is often difficult to synchronize data and above all, the security of the often sensitive data plays an even more important role.

BrightAnalytics as part of the solution

Partena Professional wishes to further support its customers to be prepared for the future. “Together with BrightAnalytics, we want to address these needs and offer an intuitive and flexible tool for our customers.” The new and intuitive HR Analytics module located on the BrightAnalytics platform provides a user-friendly way to access data without the need for an IT or data expert. Both the analysis of personnel data and its graphical representations become child’s play.

360-degree view of the entire organization

BrightAnalytics, in turn, offers the ability to handle a 360° view across the organization. The HR module which includes 3 reporting domains (Heacount, Absenteeism and Compensation & Benefits) can be perfectly extended with integrated finance, sales and so on. Additional reports can always be added in a relatively simple manner.

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About Partena Professional

Partena Professional is a service provider that focuses on entrepreneurship and human resource management. Partena Professional supports and guides start-ups, SMEs and large companies in their administrative procedures and HR policies. Services include human resources and child support management, medical examinations for absences, training and more.

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About BrightAnalytics

BrightAnalytics is the tool for intuitive, reliable and fast consolidated management reporting. Both financial, operational and cash data are captured in the platform and provide instant clear insights into company performance. In this way, a 360° view of the entire organization is provided and users can consult both financial and operational KPIs of the organization at any time in any place.

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  • Kuka on BrightAnalytics?

    BrightAnalytics on nuori yritys, jolla on suuria tavoitteita. Tavoitteenamme on auttaa mahdollisimman montaa yritystä nopeuttamaan liiketoimintaansa tarjoamalla selkeän näkemyksen yrityksesi suorituskyvystä. Tätä varten automatisoimme talous-, toiminta- ja kassatietojesi monimutkaiset raportointiprosessit. Näin seuraat jatkuvasti yrityksesi sykettä ja kasvat nopeammin mutta hallitusti.

  • Mikä on BrightAnalyticsin kohderyhmä?

    BrightAnalytics keskittyy organisaation raportointiin osallistuviin talousprofiileihin. Keskitymme organisaation toimitusjohtajiin ja talousjohtajiin.

  • Mitä on hallintoraportointi?

    Hallintoraportoinnissa on kyse tietojen keräämisestä ja visualisoinnista yksinkertaisella tavalla.