Power BI vs BrightAnalytics: Which tool suits my needs?

A question we often receive is: ‘What is the difference between BrightAnalytics and Power BI?’. However, if we look at some of our customer cases, both can co-exist easily. A CFO and a data analyst have completely different needs. Curious to learn more about BrightAnalytics and Power BI? Then be sure to continue reading!

Do concepts like DAX formulas, Cubes and Data transformation via ETL sound familiar to you?

Are you looking for:

  • A tool that helps you explore and find your way through lots of data?
  • Tooling to make ad hoc analyses easier?
  • Ways to experiment with KPIs?
  • A visualisation tool (for data) where youmake the link to a data source yourself?
  • Ways to make KPIs visible and understandable to multiple stakeholders?

Do the following belong to your responsibilities?

  • Connect to cloud and/or on-premise systems (via APIs)?
  • Building, feeding and maintaining data models?
  • Exploring data as well as interlinking?
  • Searching for the right business drivers?
  • Translating data into understandable KPIs?
  • Using tables and formulas to organise and visualise data?
Do you recognise all of the above?

Then Power BI is a good choice for you! Power BI allows you to start connecting to the data source yourself and thus visually representing your data. With your knowledge of DAX formulas and tables, among others, you can create a visual overview of your data via dashboards. Based on a data strategy and the data available, you can start modelling and adapting it. Within the tool, you can then start analysing your cleaned data. Your data can be modulated by formulas or by connecting datasets, and through Ad Hoc analyses you can then start interpreting and exploring the data.

Do financial terms such as ebitda, gross margin, cash flow, budgeting and consolidation sound familiar to you?

Are you looking for:

  • Automisation of your financial management reporting?
  • Quick Wins?
  • Crystal-clear insights into your financial KPIs?
  • Direct integration with one or more accounting packages?
  • Access to a central reporting platform with embedded financial logic anywhere, anytime, and the ability to drill down to detail level?
  • An intuitive tool that you can manage yourself?
  • Financial reports (P&L/ income statement, balance sheet, cash flow, budgeting, consolidation and forecasting) in customised currencies and tailored to your business?
  • Aggregated- and consolidated overviews taking into account analytical dimensions (cost centres, profit centres, departments, business lines etc.)?

Do the following belong to your responsibilities?

  • Generating financial reports at aggregate and consolidated level?
  • Budgeting and cash forecasting?
  • Making in-depth analyses of financial figures?
  • Converting business economic insights into concrete action points?
  • Determining a business strategy based on financial insights?
  • Responsibility for monthly closings and for monthly reporting?
  • Analysing the montly, semi-annual and annual figures?
  • Ensuring the continuous improvement of current processes and systems and contributing to the digital transformation of the finance department?
  • Supporting new business cases and investment projects with financial input?
Is the answer to these questions ‘Yes’?

Then BrightAnalytics can help you make better and, above all, well-founded strategic decisions. With the BrightAnalytics platform you can automate your financial reporting. As a result, you no longer lose time with manual work and you can immediately dive into the figures and extract the most important insights for you. In addition, BrightAnalytics easily connects to various software/ accounting packages. As a result, all figures end up in one clear tool. And you don’t have to worry about the underlying queries either.

Curious how Power BI and BrightAnalytics can co-exist?

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  • Miten BrightAnalytics toimii?
    1. Yhdistä: BrightAnalytics yhdistää kirjanpito-, ERP- ja CRM-järjestelmät ja keskittää kaikki tiedot BrightAnalytics-alustalle.
    2. Raportoi: BrightAnalyticsin vakiomallit ovat heti käyttövalmiita, mutta ne voidaan räätälöidä täysin yrityksen tarpeiden mukaan.
    3. Analysoi: Hallintoraportit ja koontinäytöt tarjoavat runsaasti tietoa ja antavat välittömästi selkeän kuvan koko organisaation luvuista.
    4. Sitoudu: Selkeät raportit edistävät liiketoimintastrategian ja toteutuksen virtaviivaistamista ja varmistavat läpinäkyvyyden yrityksessä.

  • Onko BrightAnalytics ratkaisu monimutkaisille yrityksille?

    BrightAnalytics on ratkaisu mille tahansa yritykselle: monimutkaiselle tai vähemmän monimutkaiselle. Ratkaisu kasvaa yrityksen mukana. BrightAnalytics on ihanteellinen myös yrityksille, joiden liiketoiminta on hyvin monimutkaista, kuten useat yritykset, eri valuutat, konsolidointi jne.

  • Mitä on taloudellinen raportointi?

    Financial reports provide insight into the state of the company, in this case, more specifically, the financial status.

  • Mitä raportointimoduuleja BrightAnalytics tarjoaa?

    BrightAnalytics, the management reporting platform, offers 3 different reporting modules. The basic module covers financial reporting, and can be extended with the cash and/or operational reporting modules.